At Fifth Element, we have a strong focus on providing quality skin and body treatments, whilst keeping in mind, sustainability and a holistic approach.

We only stock organic fair and ethical brands such as:

We now offer INFRARED SAUNA sessions

Please remember to bring your own towel to sauna. This is a condition of use.



Microdermabrasion is a non chemical alternative to assist in fine lines and pigmentation

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Montaser Skin2Cell Treatments

G&M Neurocosmedic treatments

  1. G&M Neurocosmedics is an Australian company focusing on skin immunity and cellular behaviour
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Microcurrent ATP/Muscular Facial Therapy

Microcurrent is a low level current, designed to remodel facial muscles by mimicking the natural current throughout our surface muscles and skin.

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LED Therapy

GUA SHA Skin Treatment

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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment

Radio Frequency is a radio wave that heats the dermal layers of skin using the natural action of the heat to tighten elastic fibres and plump existing collagen molecules.

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Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound waves, heating the fat cell until it implodes. The waste is then collected via your liver, bladder and via the natural pathways of waste filtration and removal.

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Tuning fork therapy

Alternative Therapies

Tuning fork therapy

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Hand & Feet Treatments

Hand/Feet Treatments

Pedi peel

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Sugaring hair removal

Sugaring/Hair Removal

Ancient Egyptian chemical free alternative to wax, consisting of sugar, water, xanthum gum and lemon juice.  Great for people who have auto immune disorders or who are sensitive to other hair removal methods.

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